Last time

Last time I felt you was while signing in, have no clue what to write. This valentine isn’t special for anything to me other than a certain note I got in February last year; it made my entire world since then.

Last time I was with you happened to be the evening of yesterday. I got the idea of asking you to accompany me – sounds weird – out of the sky, but one thing was clear for me that you form sod of treatment for me. I’m mostly likely to take the trip to any restaurant, when you are with me.

Frankly, it could be frightened and too much to live far apart, not because of the distance but because we will have to start everything all over again. That is make me feel that I want you and me to be a part of the new beginning of both of us. That could happen but till now it is hard to consider any thing as guaranteed.

I believe that miles could exist anywhere, yet not in my heart and no mater how far it is to get you. I will always do my best to be beside you. In the rainy days or when its windy there will be a sense of you worming my world.

I hide my fears and soothing them with faith, but when I see you my mind tend to deny that they have ever existed. One song with lovely music I want you to listen:

Everyday is valentine




  1. Learus Ohnine · February 7, 2014

    Word of advice: it’s not good to hide your fears… 🙂

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